Exciting changes ahead …

On the back of an exciting 2016, some 10,500 registered Fish and Chip Shops / Restaurants resulted in 340 achieving our revered Good Food Award for Fish & Chips – The Good Chippy Award 2016.

Following on from the success of our sister publication the Good Food Award we are pleased to announce today that we are to make some exciting changes over the next 12 months, the first of many is a welcomed change to the award periods for our coveted Good Chippy Awards.

Following on from feedback from our award holders and their customers we agree that our award may appear to some out of date shortly after issue and we have been looking at ways in order to maximise the validity of our Awards Programme, and in turn, the exposure our Award Winners achieve.

Our 2017 and future Awards programmes have been brought forward in order to facilitate these changes, resulting in future awards being announced on 30 April each year.

Good Chippy Awards, 2017

to  31 January 2017  Nominations
01 February 2017 to 28 February 2017  Review and Assessment
01 March 2017 to  28 April 2017  Processing and Notification
 30 April 2017  Results – The Awards

and annually thereafter –

to  31 January  Nominations
01 February to 28 February  Review and Assessment
01 March to  28 April  Processing and Notification
 30 April  Results – The Awards

We believe these changes will be beneficial to our awards programme as a whole, the increased coverage of our awards in will attract new followers to our awards programme and increase exposure and validity to the holders of our Good Chippy Award.

Here’s to a fantastic 2017.